Ohio Lab Director resigns

Scientist or cop? You decide.

If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to be the Director of a Crime Lab, where decisions are made regarding the science, preservation, analysis, and storage of life-changing forensic evidence, consider the case of Rick Perez (no relation, honest), 57, who worked in law enforcement for 37 years and served as Chief Deputy Sheriff of Stark County, Ohio. The job posting called for academic degrees in chemistry, forensic science or business management. Perez sailed through and got the job without any college degree. Science, schmience!

After this was brought to light, the mayor — who initially supported Perez for the position — “removed” Perez from the job and commented that it wasn’t about Perez, but about “the process”. In other words, it’s ok for cops to put on lab coats and manage scientific evidence, so long as nobody notices.

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– RP