Hello, World!


Robert Perez, Esq.

Defensology was created in July of 2006 as a forum for the discussion of issues related to the intersection of technology and criminal defense.  My name is Robert Perez. I’m a trial lawyer and I practice criminal law in the greater Seattle region along with my daughter, Sarah J. Perez. You can read about our practice on our website. As a software engineer and trial lawyer, I have a great interest in this topic and have always enjoyed writing about it. The blog was a great outlet for highlighting trends of interest and the competing fears and “ooooos and ahhhhs” over the emerging capabilities of science (and junk science) as applied to law.

Due to the heavy demands of a growing practice, the site had to be retired after a brief, but flambouyant lifetime. I’m pleased to be back writing again (no, the business hasn’t slowed, but I have better help now). Thanks to all of you who have supported the effort and bugged me to get back at it. It’s going to be fun and there is even more to talk about than ever.

If you wish to contact me directly, please leave a message at www.RobertPerezLaw.com on the Contacts page.


– RP